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  1. WaterWorks Bacteria Check Mini
    Part#: S482197

    WaterWorks Bacteria Check Mini is ideal for home use and quick verifications. Simply remove the cap and fill water to the indicated line, shake, and let it sit for 48 hours at room temperature.

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  2. Select Scientific - Water Quality Test Kit - Tank, Well & Bore
    Part#: STBW-Kit
    The Select Scientific Water Quality Test Kit is specifically designed for testing Tank, Well and Bore water. Learn More
  3. WaterWorks Bacteria Check Kit
    Part#: S481198
    WaterWorks™ Bacteria Check Kit includes the WaterWorks™ EZ Coliform Cult Bacteria test, one test for Nitrite/Nitrate, and one for Ammonia. Learn More
  4. Waterworks Bacteria Check
    Part#: S481197
    Total coliform bacteria presence/absence test (P-A) confirmation. Learn More
  5. Bacteria test, 15 minute
    Part#: S487999
    18 minute bacteria test for coliform and non-coliform bacteria at 1000 cfu/ml using a lateral flow strip. Number of tests 2 Learn More
  6. Water Quality Test Kit
    Part#: S487986

    The Water Quality Test Kit is an all-in-one water testing kit comprising of tests for several of the most common contaminants found in drinking water. These tests include bacteria, chloride, free chlorine, total chlorine, copper, total hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron, lead and more. This water testing kit is perfect for home use; it's simple, fast and cheap.

    No harsh chemicals or expensive equipment needed, and the results are easy to see and record. Particularly useful for monitoring of wells, but also suitable for testing tap, tank or pool water.

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