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    PoolLab Photometer
    Part#: WID-POL01

    The new PoolLab 1.0 is a triple wavelength photometer (530, 570, 620 nm) for the complete analysis of pools, spas and other water analysis applications. An in-built, changeable cuvette allows quick water sampling by just dipping the IP67 waterproof PoolLab into your sample and selecting the desired test.

    To assure you of ongoing reliable performance in these challenging conditions, Select Scientific technical staff quality check each Pool Lab, and ensure the PoolLab is fit and ready to work for you. This service is exclusive to Select Scientific.


    Click here to view all PoolLab reagents.

    • Bluetooth Equipped
    • Powerful App and Software
    • Free Cloud Space
    • 6 Buttons for direct Access
    • IP68 Waterproof
    • Fixed but changeable cuvette
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  1. DPD4 Primelab & PoolLab Reagent
    Part No: WID-PD4050
  2. As low as A$14.85
  3. As low as A$14.85
  4. As low as A$14.85
  5. As low as A$14.85
  6. As low as A$20.63
  7. As low as A$23.10
  8. PoolLab Calcium Hardness Reagent Kit
    Part No: WID-PLCalHardKit
  9. A$59.40
  10. PoolLab Reference Standard Kit
    Part No: WID-POLsp-RSK-f
  11. A$258.50
  12. As low as A$43.89
  13. As low as A$43.89
  14. Acidifying PT PoolLab Reagent
    Part No: WID-HAFPP
  15. As low as A$18.70
  16. As low as A$18.70
  17. PoolLab Total Hardness Reagent Kit
    Part No: WID-PLHardnessKit
  18. A$52.25
  19. A$3.85
  20. PoolLab Replacement Light Shield
    Part No: WID-POLsp-ls
  21. A$35.20
  22. Replacement Vial for PoolLab
    Part No: WID-POLsp-kv
  23. A$30.80
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