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  1. Chloride Check-WaterWorks
    Part#: S481027
    Chloride check test strips, bottle of 50, to determine chloride in water up to 500 ppm. Learn More
  2. Waterworks Bacteria Check
    Part#: S481197
    Total coliform bacteria presence/absence test (P-A) confirmation. Learn More
  3. Ida's Iron Check Test Strips
    Part#: S481046
    Ida's iron Test Strips, bottle of 25 to determine Fe2+ in 2 ranges: to 0.3 ppm & to 50 ppm. Learn More
  4. DPD4 Primelab & PoolLab Reagent
    Part#: WID-PD4050
    DPD4 Primelab & PoolLab Reagent Tablets Learn More
    As low as A$14.85
  5. Ionode Bromide Ion Selective Electrode
    Part#: 364Br

    Suitable for the direct determination of Bromide ions, as well as an indicator in argentometric titration.

    Learn More
  6. -50%
    Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips [Price Reduced]
    Part#: S480014-2

    Limited Quantity, Expiry 04/22.

    Hydrogen Peroxide test Strips, bottle of 50 for testing from 0.5 up to 100 ppm

    Learn More
    Special Price A$17.05 was A$34.10
  7. ReadySnap 1P Method Verification Solution
    Part#: s480911

    ReadySnap™ 1P ampoules are water standards with predetermined values to verify the accuracy of any manufacturers tests (including our eXact® photometers).

    Learn More
  8. eXact Strip Micro Chlorine Dioxide
    Part#: s486633

    This product only works with an exact photometer.

    The eXact Strip Micro Chlorine Dioxide incorporates the patented eXact reagent delivery system created by Industrial Test Systems, Inc. which is ideal for technical and non-technical users.

    Learn More
  9. ionode ECO-pH Electrode
    Part#: ECOpH-1.0-B

    Best budget choice for routine measurements, pools, students etc.

    Learn More
  10. Apera TN480
    Part#: Apera TN480

    Backorder: Typically ships in 2-3 days.

    The Apera TN480 is a premium version of the TN400 turbidity meter.

    The instrument is designed for water quality professionals, offering long-term reliability in high-accuracy turbidity measurement with an intuitive operating system, simple calibration, and GLP data management.

    Learn More
  11. TN500 Portable White Light Turbidity Meter Kit
    Part#: ST-TN500

    Backorder: Typically ships in 2-3 days.

    Apera TN500 uses tungsten filament lamp as the light source and 90° scattering method, which is compliant with U.S EPA 180.1 method for the determination of turbidity in drinking, ground, surface, and saline waters, domestic and industrial wastes. The instrument is designed for water quality professionals, offering long-term reliability in high-accuracy turbidity measurement with an intuitive operation system, simple calibration, and GLP data management.

    Learn More
  12. eXact Photometer Service
    Part#: eXactService
    Photometer Service & Verification Learn More
  13. PoolLab Photometer Service
    Part#: PoolLabService
    Photometer Service Learn More
  14. Conductivity calibration standard 147 µS/cm, 500ml
    Part#: EC147-500
    Conductivity calibration solution, 500ml 0.001M KCl, 147 µS/cm @ 25C Learn More
  15. microtest Iron PHE
    Part#: AQ656000

    Colorimetric Test for Iron

    0.2 – 8 mg/L Fe2+/Fe3+

    Learn More
  16. QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 500
    Part#: VN91341

    Semi-quantitative test strips for the determination of Peracetic acid. Ideal for rapid and easy analysis of Peracetic acid directly on-site. Can be used with test strip reader QUANTOFIX Relax. CE-certified according to the directive for medical products 93/42/EWG

    Learn More
  17. WaterWorks Bacteria Check Mini
    Part#: S482197

    WaterWorks Bacteria Check Mini is ideal for home use and quick verifications. Simply remove the cap and fill water to the indicated line, shake, and let it sit for 48 hours at room temperature.

    Learn More
  18. PC60-E Replacement Probe for PC60 Pocket Multi-Parameter Tester
    Part#: ST-PC60-E1
    • Replacement probe for PC60 Multi-parameter Pocket Tester
    • Measures pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature simultaneously for regular water solutions.
    • High-sensitivity glass pH membrane
    • Brush-Resistant Platinum Black (BPB) Sensor ensures accurate conductivity measurement in a wide range for general water solutions.
    Learn More
  19. PH60-E Replacement Probe for PH60 Pocket pH Tester
    Part#: ST-pH60-E1
    • Replaceable pH probe for PH60 Pocket Tester
    • Highly sensitive glass bulb membrane with a built-in temperature sensor, suitable for general water solutions


    Learn More
  20. Apera ZenTest PH60-Z Smart Pocket pH Tester
    Part#: ST-PH60Z

    The next-generation tester designed for seamless water test experience. Professional pH measurements for general water solutions now become easier than ever. ORP test is also available with an ORP probe (sold separately).

    Just connect the tester to your smartphone via Bluetooth in the ZenTest mobile App (Free download in iOS App Store/Google Play Store), the step-by-step smart guide will lead you to become a water test professional with just a few taps.

    Save and share your measurement and calibration data right on the palm of your hand via email. Data will never get lost thanks to the cloud-based data system.

    Learn More
  21. TN400-S1 Standard Calibration Solution Set
    Part#: TN400-S1

    Standard Calibration Solution Set for Apera Instruments TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter.

    AMCO Clear turbidity standard solutions (0.02 NTU, 20.0 NTU, 100 NTU, 800 NTU).

    Learn More
  22. Ionode KF-M8 - Karl Fischer Electrode - 8mm
    Part#: Ionode KF-M8 - Karl Fischer Electrode - 8mm

    Karl Fischer sensors are used for the volumetric determinations of water in samples such as oil, petroleum, foods, pharmaceuticals etc.

    Ionode KF Sensors have robust teflon bodies for resistance to hydrofluoric acid (HF) samples and breakage.

    Learn More
  23. Ionode KF-12 - Karl Fischer Electrode - 12mm
    Part#: Ionode KF-12 - Karl Fischer Electrode - 12mm

    Karl Fischer sensors are used for the volumetric determinations of water in samples such as oil, petroleum, foods, pharmaceuticals etc.

    Ionode KF Sensors have robust teflon bodies for resistance to hydrofluoric acid (HF) samples and breakage.

    Learn More
  24. 1
    Part#: 111
  25. Safe Tap Check Home Water Test Kit
    Part#: S487940

    Home water quality testing helps identify quickly that your water is safe and healthy to drink.

    Safe Tap Check™ Kit makes testing accurate, affordable, and easy. It tests four important parameters, pH, Copper, Total Hardness and Free Chlorine

    Learn More
  26. Apera TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter Kit
    Part#: ST-TN400

    Backorder: Typically ships in 2-3 days.

    The Apera Instruments TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter, Large Colored TFT display with graphic and text guides, Accuracy: ±1% or 0.02 NTU, whichever is greater

    • Infrared light source -- ISO7027 compliant
    • Easy and quick calibration
    • TFT Colored Screen (measurement mode, green in calibration) with graphic and text operation guides
    • U.S. EPA certified, non-toxic, easy-to-use AMCO Clear® polymer standard solutions
    • CE certified and comes with 2-Year Warranty
    Learn More
  27. Lovibond Hardness Yes/No Tablets (250)
    Part#: WL503541
    Bottle of 250 Hardness (Yes/No) tablets. Learn More
  28. 10 minute Lead Test Kit for drinking water
    Part#: S487997
    This quick and easy test will determine lead at very low levels (below 15 parts per billion) in water. Kit contains 2 tests. Learn More
  29. Ionode IJ44-HT Intermediate Junction pH Electrode, high temperature version
    Part#: 1215A
    Intermediate Junction pH Electrode with high temperature capability and replaceable electrolyte Learn More
  30. Select Scientific - Water Quality Test Kit - Tank, Well & Bore
    Part#: STBW-Kit
    The Select Scientific Water Quality Test Kit is specifically designed for testing Tank, Well and Bore water. Learn More
  31. Chlorine + eXact EZ Photometer
    Part#: S486205

    The Chlorine + eXact EZ tests 9 important water quality parameters and uses our patented eXact Strips, a quick and easy reagent system for analysis. Simply dip an eXact Strip into the water sample for 20 seconds using a gentle back and forth motion, discard the strip, and read the results when displayed. This photometer is NSF/ANSI 50 L1 Certified

    Learn More
  32. PoolLab Photometer
    Part#: WID-POL01

    The new PoolLab 1.0 is a triple wavelength photometer (530, 570, 620 nm) for the complete analysis of pools, spas and other water analysis applications. An in-built, changeable cuvette allows quick water sampling by just dipping the IP67 waterproof PoolLab into your sample and selecting the desired test.

    To assure you of ongoing reliable performance in these challenging conditions, Select Scientific technical staff quality check each Pool Lab, and ensure the PoolLab is fit and ready to work for you. This service is exclusive to Select Scientific.


    Click here to view all PoolLab reagents.

    • Bluetooth Equipped
    • Powerful App and Software
    • Free Cloud Space
    • 6 Buttons for direct Access
    • IP68 Waterproof
    • Fixed but changeable cuvette
    Learn More
  33. PrimeLab Photometer
    Part#: WID-PL01B

    For information about this product relative to your specific needs please contact us at [email protected]

    One sensor, all parameters.

    The “PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest” is a photometer of the latest generation. With only one light source and the JENCOLOR multi-spectral sensor used exclusively in the PrimeLab, it is possible to measure all water parameters where the water sample is visibly discoloured after addition of a reagent.

    The excellent accuracy of the JENCOLOR sensor even allows self-calibration of the system at the press of a button.

    Learn More
  34. eXact Micro 20 Photometer with Bluetooth
    Part#: s486700-BTK

    The eXact® Micro 20 with Bluetooth® SMART is a powerful dual-wavelength photometer system that harnesses the technology to connect wirelessly to your smart device. The dual narrow band wavelength filters ensure delivery of the most accurate results!

    Learn More
  35. Pool eXact EZ Photometer
    Part#: S486201

    The Pool eXact EZ has been updated to test an additional 3 parameters, Copper, Phosphate and Chloride.

    Maintain your pool water chemicals the safe and easy way with the Pool eXact®EZ! The slim, compact design is easy to use and is geared toward the consumer market.

    Learn More
  36. eXact iDip Bluetooth Photometer
    Part#: S486101
    This device requires a Bluetooth Smart enabled device (recent phone or tablet) to provide test results. It will not provide usable data alone.
    • Customisable – Only download the tests you want
    • GPS Location – Results from multiple test locations are recorded via GPS 
    • Smart – Uses the latest Bluetooth smart low energy green technology
    • Integrity – Reduce human error by incorporating results with time, date and location stamp
    • Accurate – 'In App' updates keep your tests up-to-date
    • Social – Save, manage and share your results digitally
    • Waterproof – IP-67 rated and it floats
    Learn More
  37. Lovibond Scuba II Pool Tester
    Part#: LV_scuba2


    • Tests: free Chlorine, total Chlorine, pH value, Cyanuric Acid and Alkalinity M
    • One Time Zero
    • Waterproof - IP68
    • Large display - 3 x 2.2 cm
    • Fast and accurate results
    Learn More
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