Ionode ISE-Ag2S Silver Sulphide Ion Selective Electrode


Ionode 'Blue Series' Silver Sulphide ISE 1m BNC

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Model Parameter Measuring Range Temp. Range pH Range Main Interferences Slope
ISE-Ag2S S2-
0.003 - 32,000 ppm
0 - 60 2 - 8 Hg+/2+ 27mV/decade ± 3mV
Ag+ 0.01 - 108,000 ppm >11 57mV/decade ± 3mV

Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode features a solid-state contact.

Suitable for the direct determination of Silver/silver sulphide ions.



Kit Contents:

ISE-N03 Electrode

45ml bottle reference electrolyte KN45

User Manual


Learn more about Ionode Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)


Sensors with standard fittings (1m cable, BNC fitting) are generally kept in stock. Other variations may have a longer lead time. Contact us for more information.

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