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Pool Check

Our Pool Check test strips are the ideal screening method for swimming pools and spas. These reliable visual test strips quickly report conditions for many water parameters. Our easy-to-read, cost effective test strips are made in the USA and are a great alternative to liquid kits.

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Pool Test Strips

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  1. Pool Check 6 in 1

    Affordable test strips for fast pool side water testing. These strips test 6 different parameters: cyanuric acid, free and total chlorine/bromine, total hardness, total alkalinity and pH. Bottle of 50 strips.
  2. Pool Check Copper 3 in 1

    Pool and Spa test strips for determining copper, total alkalinity and pH. Bottle of 50 strips. Pool CheckĀ® Copper 3in1 is the world's first test strip designed to measure Copper sanitizer levels used in alternative sanitizing systems (for both liquid and granule copper sulfate pentahydrate and ionizing systems). Combined with pH and Total Alkalinity readings, Pool CheckĀ® Copper 3in1 satisfies your testing needs where others fall short.
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2 Item(s)