CPI-505 Laboratory pH / Ion Meter


Benchtop pH/Ion meter. Supplied with temperature sensor, PC software and AC/DC adaptor.

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Key Features

  • Laboratory grade benchtop meter
  • Accurate pH,mV,ISE and temperature measurements
  • Large easy to read backlit LCD display with brightness control  
  • Up to 5 calibration points for pH and ISE calibration
  • Storage of calibration data for 3 pH and 3 ISE electrodes
  • GLP - storage of up to 950 sets of time/date results
  • Data can be downloaded to PC via supplied PC data software package

pH measurements

  • pH calibration using 1 to 5 points
  • pH calibration using NIST buffers or user specified

Ion Measurements

  • ISE calibration using 1 to 5 points
  • Automatic unit conversion
  • User selectable values for ISE standard solutions
FunctionMeasuring RangeResolutionAccuracy*(±1 digit)
pH-2.000-16.000 pH0.001/0.01 pH±0.002 pH
mV±1,999.9 mV0.1 mV±0.1 mV
Ion M/L0-1000.01/0.1%±0.25%
Ion g/L0-1,000 0.01/0.1%±0.25%
Ion ppm0-1,000,0000.01/0.1%±0.25%
Ion pX-2.00-16.00 pX±0.002 pX±0.002 pX
Temperature †-50-199.9°C0.1°C±0.1°C

*  Meter accuracy, unless otherwise stated
†  Temperature compensated range -5 to +110ºC

 Weight/dimensions - 650g/299 x 180 x 20/50 mm (l x w h)
 Warranty - 24 months for meter; 12 months for electrodes
 Supplied accessories
                                    Temperature sensor
                                    Data capture software for PC incl.USB cable
                                    Power adapter
                                    Operator manual

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