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CX-601 Multifunction Labratory Meter

CX-601 measures: pH, redox (mV), Ion concentration, conductivity, salinity, TDS, oxygen in the air and oxygen concentration in water, atmospheric pressure and temperature.

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  • The results are displayed on a 7” graphical colour touch screen.
  • The meter enables simultaneous measurement and displaying of the chosen functions.
  • The meter is equipped with connectors which enable simultaneous measurement of: pH (or redox potential (mV) or ions), conductivity and salinity, oxygen in the air or dissolved in water and temperature.
  • All measuring functions are characterised by accuracy and stability.
  • Programming of the parameters is very easy.
  • Unification of the operating in all functions makes working easier.
  • Except work with power adapter the meter may be powered with external rechargeable battery, what enables long-lasting measurements in the field conditions with use of special carrying case with batteries (optional) or during work in field measuring stations without power sources.

Characteristic features of the particular funtions

In the pH and redox (mV) measurement mode:

  • pH electrode calibration in 1 to 5 points;
  • Automatic detection of pH buffers and standards, their value may be set by the user;
  • In case of using standard solutions (NIST norm) automatic introduction of temperature correction of the value of those standards, what makes calibration much easier;
  • Storing of 3 pH electrodes’ characteristics enables to replace them quickly.
  • Automatic control of the electrode’s condition.
  • Depending on the used pH electrode kind possible measurements in pure water, sewage, pastes, etc.
  • Enables readout of the pH electrode parameters – buffer and slope • Precise Redox potential measurement (accuracy 0.1mV)
  • The measuring circuits of pH and conductivity are isolated what enables accurate and error free simultaneous measurements in this same vessel.

In the conductivity measurement mode:

  • Full measuring range enables making measurements in ultra pure water as well as in very salty solutions.
  • 6 ranges switched automatically.
  • Calibration by entering the constant K in range 0.01÷19.999 cm-1 or in buffer solution.
  • Possibility of storing constants K of 3 cells.
  • Wide range of α coefficient, chosen depending on the measured solution.
  • Possibility of changing the reference temperature.
  • Automatic calculation of conductivity into salinity in NaCl or KCl on the basis of the actual characteristics, what greatly increases the accuracy of conversion.
  • Possibility of defining the TDS with use of conductivity measurement by entering the TDS coefficient in range 0.2-1.0.

In the Ion measurement mode:

  • The measuring range of the meter enables co-operation with all ion selective electrodes (ISE) chosen depending on the measured Ion, equipped with BNC connector.
  • Electrode calibration in 1 to 5 points;
  • Molar weight of measured ion is automatically introduced.
  • Automatic conversion of the units – e.g. M/l to mg/l or pX without the necessity of manual conversion.
  • Possibility of entering freely chosen standard solution value. In the redox potential (mV) measurement mode:
  • Precise redox potential measurement (accuracy 0.1 mV).
  • Possibility of the mV measurement relatively to the entered or measured reference (Vref) value. In the dissolved oxygen mode:
  • Measurement of oxygen dissolved in water or oxygen content in the air.
  • Air pressure measurement with automatic calculation of its influence on the oxygen measurement.
  • Automatic transfer of the salinity value measured in conductivity mode to the oxygen measurement mode and automatic calculation of its influence on the result in mg/l oxygen content.
  • Easy in use and maintenance galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor.
  • Calibration of the oxygen sensor in 1 or 2 points.
  • Wide measuring range In the air pressure measurement mode:
  • The air pressure sensor is placed inside the meter.
  • Air pressure measurement may be displayed as separate measuring function on the screen.
  • Possibility of unit choice: hPa, Bar, mmHg. In the temperature measurement function
  • Choice of the unit: 0C, 0F, K.
  • Introducing the number of the group of the selected temperature sensor what increases the accuracy. Other features:
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
  • Possibility of observing the air pressure measurement on the screen.
  • Internal clock with date.
  • Datalogger for 2000 data sets of all actually chosen functions.
  • Storing of measurement’s results with time and date, taken as single or in series with set time interval.
  • The results and calibration data are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Possibility of screen brightness control depending on the external conditions.
  • Economy mode of screen back-light to preserve batteries when working in the field.
  • Storing of the set date of next calibration.
  • USB output to connect with a PC
  • Possibility to choose English or German language
  • Powered with power adapter.
  • The meter meets the GLP requirements.
  • 24 months of warranty.
Range0 - 600 - 600-2.000 - 16.000±1999.90 - 1999.9 mS/cm
0 - 200 g/L KCl
0 - 250 g/L NaCl
-50 - 199.9°C
(±1 digit)
±0.1 mg/L±1%±0.002 pH±0.1 mV±0.1% < 20 mS/cm
±0.25% > 20 mS/cm
Temp. Comp.0 - 40°C0 - 40°C-5 - 110°C --5 - 70°C -

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