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eXact iDip Bluetooth Photometer

Cat. No.: S486101

Quick Overview

This device requires a Bluetooth Smart enabled device (recent phone or tablet) to provide test results. It will not provide usable data alone.

  • Customisable – Only download the tests you want

  • GPS Location – Results from multiple test locations are recorded via GPS 

  • Smart – Uses the latest Bluetooth smart low energy green technology

  • Integrity – Reduce human error by incorporating results with time, date and location stamp

  • Accurate – 'In App' updates keep your tests up-to-date

  • Social – Save, manage and share your results digitally

  • Waterproof – IP-67 rated and it floats

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At last, instantly log all of your test results and location data onto your phone or Smart device with one simple App. The new eXact iDip with Bluetooth and GPS are the perfect tools for simple, comprehensive record keeping & fast reliable water testing.

The new eXact iDip is the first product in the pool water testing market to provide complete wireless connectivity to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Smart devices. Test data is seamlessly transferred between the two devices in real time when paired using Bluetooth wireless technology and the application stores the test results and GPS location data of multiple water sources. The iDip & App combination is capable of running over 35 water quality tests and can then share via email.

Compatible devices:

The iDip is compatible with Bluetooth Smart devices. The app is only compatable with Bluetooth 4.0 devices (Running Android 4.3+ and Apple iOS 6.1+)  View the list of tested phones here.


ncluded tests:
  • Alkalinity, Total
  • Chlorine, Free
  • Chlorine, Combined
  • pH

Additional Tests (in app purchase required):

  • Bromide
  • Bromine
  • Calcium (as CaCO3)
  • Chloride (as NaCl) Salt
  • Chloride, High Range
  • Chlorine Dioxide (DPD-1)
  • Chlorine, free (DPD-1)
  • Chlorine, High Range
  • Chlorine, Combined
  • Chlorine, Total (DPD-4)
  • Chromium (VI)
  • Copper (CU+2)
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Hardness, Total HR (as CaCo3)
  • Hardness, Total LR (as CaCo3)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide LR
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Hydrogen Peroxide HR
  • Iodine (DPD-1)
  • Iron, Total (TPTZ)
  • Magnesium Hardness
  • Manganese
  • Molybdate
  • Nitrate (as NO3)
  • Nitrite (as NO2)
  • Ozone (DPD-4)
  • Peracetic Acid (DPD-4)
  • Permanganate (DPD-1)
  • pH
  • Phosphate
  • Sulfate
  • Turbidity

Additional Information

Part Number S486101
Country of Manufacture United States

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