eXact Micro Free chlorine, (DPD-1)


Be aware: You can only use this product with an eXact photometer.

eXact Micro Free chlorine test strips (DPD-1) for use with eXact Micro photometers. Bottle of 100 strips.
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eXact Micro Free chlorine test strips (DPD-1)
Number of tests :  100
Chemistry              : DPD

Note: Can also be used for testing Chlorine dioxide, bromine, iodine and permanganate.

Suitable for:

  • iDip
  • iDip 570
  • Chlorine+ eXact EZ
  • Pool eXact EZ
  • Spa eXact EZ
  • Chlorine eXact EZ
  • eXact Eco-Check
  • eXact Micro 7+
  • eXact Micro 10
  • eXact Micro 20 BT

The eXact® Strip Micro Free Chlorine (DPD-1) incorporates the patented eXact® reagent delivery system created by Industrial Test Systems, Inc. which is ideal for technical and non-technical users. By dipping the eXact® strip into a photometer cell, the exact amount of reagent is released into the water causing a change in color or turbidity. The change is measured by an eXact® photometer giving the user fast and accurate results.

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