TN400-S1 Standard Calibration Solution Set


Standard Calibration Solution Set for Apera Instruments TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter.

AMCO Clear turbidity standard solutions (0.02 NTU, 20.0 NTU, 100 NTU, 800 NTU).

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AMCO Clear is an EPA approved primary standard for calibration of turbidity sensors that is safe, non-toxic and disposable. It is NIST traceable to particle size/distribution and optical density, and its inherent stability means it does not settle from suspension.

The standards have a guaranteed one-year shelf life even if you've opened the bottle and happened not to have recapped it tightly. The convenient submicron polymer suspensions are non-toxic primary calibration standards approved by the US EPA for drinking water analysis for turbidity.

AMCO Clear is the unique, non-toxic low-level turbidity standard that can reliably read from 0.02 NTU to 10,000 NTU every time.

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